The Oak Centre

What is the Oak Centre?

The Oak Centre is a Christian organization created to encourage a life of the mind and a thoughtful approach to all academic disciplines from a Christian perspective. We are located close to the McMaster University campus in Hamilton Ontario. 


A group of young women bow their heads and pray with bibles.

Study and Socialize

We provide a physical space to study and socialize filled with over 20,000 books specific to Christian Culture. 

Oak Centre Bookshelf
Oak Centre Lecture Series


Join us in our Online Lecture Series or our Online Book Club.

Inklings Book Club

Why Join Us?

Christian Community

We encourage Christian Faith and Values no matter what your Christian traditions may be.


The Oak Centre holds over 20,000 books on Christian culture. Many books focus on the History and Philosophy of Christianity.

21 King Street Location


We are located at 21 King Street on the 16th floor, very close to McMaster University.

Study & Discussion

We facilitate social activity such as study and discussion both online and on site. Join us for a coffee or on our website.

Meet the Steering Committee

Dr. Don McNally - Founding Director

Don is the Founding Director of The Oak Centre with many years of award winning experience in exploring the relation between Science and Religion as well as between Christianity and Culture. 

Dr. Justin Cooper

Justin is the past President of Redeemer College and Executive Director of Christian Higher Education Canada and believes that establishing a dialogue on Faith and Culture is both an inviting and inspiring project.

Ted Beverly
Ted Beverely

Ted is the curator and custodian of the Oak Centre collection of books and resources on Christianity and Culture. The Oak Centre benefits from his deep knowledge of Christianity, History and Philosophy. 

Milton Friesen
Milton Friesen

Milton is an experienced and talented urban planner and community leader who believes the Oak Centre may support a better understanding of the relationship between Culture and Christianity. 

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