The Founding Vision and Mission

Of The International Forum of Professors & ScholarS (IFPs)

Inklings Conversations – Winter 2024
January 31st, 2:00 – 4:00 EST
A conversation with Frank Karlsen
Meeting Invitation:  Zoom Link

See Frank's Biography at University of South-Eastern Norway

Frank finished his Ph.D. in molecular biology and pathology at Oslo University in 1997. He has worked as the gründer and head of the department of research in the biotechnology company NorChip (PreTect AS) from 1999 to 2010. He received the Innovation Norway gold prize Reodor in 2003 for his work on the mRNA or transcript profile method for direct detection of cervical pre-cancer using real-time NASBA. Today, these kinds of transcript signatures are used to improve the diagnosis and treatment of Ebola, Malaria, SARS-CoV-2, Stroke, and many other disease forms.

Since 2000, Frank has participated in the international community of opinion leaders and has discussed and presented worldwide on many topics covering virology, international screening, nanotechnology, and vaccination. He became a full Professor in 2010 following the evaluation of an international committee.
Frank started his work to develop micro and nanotechnology in 1996. He has initiated, led, and participated in more than 14 large international projects supported by the Norwegian Research Council, European Commission, Equinor, and Innovation Norway. One of the results is a point-of-care technology including a complex integrated microfluidic-based lab-on-a-chip cartridge and instrument. Another result is an ongoing process to establish preventive health technology in primary health services. Frank has more than 120 international scientific papers and has filed over 28 international patent applications, including nine patents that have been granted.

Since his conversion at 13, he has focused his life on prayer and practicing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He established the GOWA (Gospel and Work for All) movement in DR Congo in 2008. Today, this movement has grown into many parts of DR Congo, enabling the Congolese to start their own non-corrupt commercial companies. He is a regular participant in the digital continuous e-Governance process that is ongoing in Africa led by He is today a member of the Hurum Pentecostal Church in Asker, Norway, and an active member of the Filadelfia Church in Drammen, Norway. 


In this conversation, Dr. Frank Karlsen will present the founding vision and mission of the International Forum for Professors and Scholars (IFPS). Growing out of the Professor's Forum established in Germany in 1996, the IFPS has emerged as an interdisciplinary network committed to an academic culture of freedom, the search for truth, and the transformation of societies worldwide through the power of the Gospel.

The International Forum consists of a diverse and dedicated group of professors, scientists, engineers, academics, scholars, teachers, pastors, and priests committed to pursuing their work as a God-given vocation to bring every thought captive to Christ and bless and disciple the nations. All who share this vision are welcome to become part of the IFPS.

IFPS members can now connect through Truth and Transformation Global (TaT) to serve as advisors and assist with developing the International Transforming Research Centre (ITRC). Here, they can also work to help establish national transforming research centers and other national forums for professors and scholars.

By these means, members of the IFPS seek to return responsibility for education, research, and innovation to the Christian community. In doing so, the IFPS aims to bring all spheres of life, including the academy, under the liberating influence of Scripture and invite God through his Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to reform the academic enterprise at its core worldwide.
Establishing the ITRC and developing national research and innovation centers provide an environment for outstanding, high-quality research based on the Biblical worldview. This work will also prepare a solid ground for academic TRL (Technology Readiness Level) levels 1-7, sustainable and innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups that honor God.

In this manner, the Vision and Mission of the IFPS can bring a true blessing to all nations. Schematically, the key variables in this process of blessing can be represented as illustrated and should be linked together.

Core Beliefs

The IFPS understands itself as a cross-denominational network. The members of the IFPS profess the Apostolic Creed. The living relationship and commitment to the blood and Sonship of Jesus Christ is the basis of their lives and work. We Believe in God, eternal, personal and triune, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible is God’s inerrant and infallible written Word.