Jesus and Sodom: A Detailed Look at Jesus’s View on Same-sex Relationships and the Possibility of Hope

A conversation with Jordash Kiffiak,

Thursday, June 27th, 2:00 – 4:00 EST

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One of the great struggles in the Body of Christ in our generation is the challenge to understand and believe the Word of God regarding sexuality, especially same-sex sexuality. The Old Testament clearly says that homosexuality is a sin. And Paul teaches the same. Yet, today, some throw doubt on this idea. Either traditional understandings of the biblical passages are questioned, or, for some, the words of Leviticus and Paul are set aside for an ostensible “love” ethic, which embraces same-sex sexuality. In Canada, not just churches in heritage denominations are affected, but also many congregations in traditionally evangelical denominations. The change in perspectives corresponds to a shift in relation to the authority of the Bible. But, even for left-leaning Christians, a pause is felt when it comes to Jesus. And why not? If he is Lord of all, then those who profess to follow him do right to proceed with caution, taking time to do due diligence to understand what he thinks.

What did Jesus think about homosexuality? The book I am writing, Jesus and Sodom: Same-sex Sexuality through the Messiah’s Merciful Eyes, explores this question in great detail. My talk at the Oak Centre will summarize what I have found. I examine Jesus’ approach to sexuality, marriage and sexual immorality, with a special focus on the great sins of Sodom. Jesus has a traditional Jewish perspective on same-sex sexuality. Yet, he is incalculably merciful, extending forgiveness and offering power to change for all who will enter into a covenant with him, receiving his Spirit inside them.

In my own experience, a weakened conscience can develop from not reading God’s Word for personal transformation. This is true, even when you are a biblical scholar! As a result, things which used to be clearly understood as sin become tolerated or even embraced. The antidote is simple: we return to embrace the Word of God, which, Isaiah says, will abide forever. 

Speaker Bio

By profession, Jordash is a Koine Greek teacher, biblical scholar and author. By God’s grace, he studied Jesus and the Gospels in Jerusalem, Israel, from 2005–2013 (PhD at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem). He has gained proficiency in the three biblical languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek). Jordash is writing a book entitled Jesus and Sodom: Same-sex Sexuality through the Messiah’s Merciful Eyes, in which he looks at Jesus’ traditional view on homosexuality, also considering his call to sinners to hope for profound change in the New Covenant.

Jordash is the founder, content creator, and teacher for ΟΜΙΛΕΙΝ (pronounced oh-me-leen), a business offering Koine Greek instruction and resources. It uses communicative language teaching (teaching ancient Greek in Greek) and has curricula that emphasize not only getting to know God’s word better but also doing what it says. Jordash Kiffiak loves Jesus and is thrilled to be his worshipper, brother, and friend and to serve Him through the gift of scholarship that he has been given.